Please stand by.

Judges and Stewards

If you have registered, log in and then choose Edit Account from the My Account menu indicated by the icon on the top menu.

If you have not registered and are willing to be a judge or steward, please register.

If you would like to volunteer to be a competition staff member, please register or update your account to indicate that you wish to be a part of the competition staff.

Other Volunteer Info

There will be a light breakfast and lunch served for all volunteers to the competition.  We will also have shirts this year (yay!) to hand out at the competition for everyone who volunteers to help organize, steward or judge.  Please arrive promptly at 8am so that we can get a quick attendance count and make sure everyone gets assigned to their locations quickly.

We will be sending out judging assignments one or two days prior to the competition as soon as we finish up all of our pre-competition organization.  Please mark down this date on your calendars now if you have volunteered - we appreciate the help!